truth to the masses


Heidi Markow is a nationally recognized advocate, public speaker and educator. Her platform of speaking and educating on domestic violence has reached and served thousands of people. She has won many awards for her work, including  The Bar Association's Liberty Bell Award, Nabisco's 100 Inspiring Women, Godiva's National Lady Godiva Award, among many more.  

Heidi's  courage and determination has inspired victims worldwide and has helped countless people rebuild their lives. She has told the truth and fought for victims; and, despite her lack of formal education, she was instrumental in building cases for victims, and winning! Her style has not always made her popular among authorities, but she was able to accomplish getting justice for victims!

A few yeas ago Heidi found herself exhausted, working to bring the much needed change to a cause dear to her heart. After losing her sister to domestic violence, she wanted to make a difference somehow, some way. She was tired of fighting against a broken system. Her pleas for change went ignored and she knew that she could not fight from the inside but rather use her story to affect change.

Heidi started speaking out about the broken system, laws and what needed to happen in order to change the landscape for survivors. After 15 years of hard work and dedication to the cause, she knew it was time to do more! The more is now! The more is telling the Truth To The Masses. 

Heidi is on a mission to talk about the topics that no one is willing to address. From the court system's re-abuse of victims, to domestic violence involved child custody, to Child Protective Services interference, to domestic homicide and everything in between. Her stories are worthy of being told and need be heard by generations to come. Heidi's story telling and educational style offers an honest account of what led her to begin this journey. 

Heidi wants to spread awareness across the country and beyond.  She believes it's her duty to educate at the high school and college age levels. She hopes to spark a new conversation and way of thinking about the issues that surround domestic violence. 

Domestic violence is the number one social issue in America. Until we all  take a stand, it is the status quo that will win!  

Heidi invites you to come rise up and consider what you can contribute to help change the outcome of the future for  victims. There is much work to be done and she needs your help!