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Heidi Markow

Public Speaker, Educator, and Transformational Coach


My website is a heartfelt love story, bringing to life all that I have experienced, created, and have to offer. Through love, loss, unexpected circumstances and the untimely tragic death of my sister, I'm ready to travel and tell my story of a life interrupted. From domestic violence to domestic homicide and everything in between, I've lived it; and what I've learned along the way is worth talking about. I believe it's time to tell the truth and it's time for us to heal; and it's time for everyone to learn the truth about one of the largest global epidemics. Once you learn the truth, you cannot unlearn it!


 My philosophy is simple! Tell the Truth To The Masses and teach what I have lived and learned. The only reasonable answer to my "why" is that I know too much and now you need to know it, too! The system is broken and we have the ability to fix it! What I have to tell you is raw, truthful and heartbreaking. Through my story and knowledge, you will be awakened to the epidemic that I call "The biggest issue facing society today". So, why is change so difficult for our system today? Because, with truth comes change, and with change comes removing people and old beliefs that are part of the problem. Shaking up the system will be hard work but someone has to do it! Let it be us! This is an open invitation for you to learn the truth about the realities of the status quo. We must do better; it's our fundamental responsibility.


Domestic Violence and Homicide

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